Vaishnavi fights for Bhikhari Thakur

Bhojpuri actress Vaishnavi may be very young in the terms of age and experience but she is smarter than many kids her age.

The diva is pitching for getting Bhikhari Thakur the admiration he deserves. Excerpts:

You have just passed High School. What’s the hurry about getting into films at a school going age?

May be this is my destiny. I started dancing on film numbers at the age of three which caught the attention of many. My father noticed my talent and decided that he will encourage me to excel in the field I chose. It was because of dance that I got to perform in stage shows and had more than two dozen albums in my kitty. This gave way to films and acting and studies started going side by side. I am basically from Saran but am doing my schooling from Banaras.

You have worked in Bhojpuri films but you are interested in making a career in Hindi cinema.

My mother tongue is Bhojpuri and I never thought of going away from it. I have done five films so far, ‘Jai Maiya Ambe Bhavani’, ‘BA Pass Bahuriya’, ‘Humar Devdas’, ‘Main Nagin Tu Nagina’ and ‘Jeena Teri Gali Mein’. I am still in talks for other projects and meanwhile, thought of trying my luck in Hindi films. The films with producers Ranju Sinha, Sashibhushan, JK Pandey and Dileep Jaiswal are almost final. These all are medium budget films but I will be content that I am entering the Hindi cinema. I know there is a lot of struggle in Bollywood but it’s important for me. Bhojpuri actors are looked down upon in Hindi films. It’s our duty to prove that we are also good actors.

By the way, it’s your responsibility too to get Bhikhari Thakur who is called the Shakespeare of Bhojpuri cinema the respect he deserves. Except for Bhojpuri singer Kalpana, who is from Assam, no one is raising his/her voice for him. I am the only Bhojpuri actress fighting for him. I am meeting ministers and officials and am trying to get his statues set up at several places.

I think political parties are not giving any importance to the issue because Bhikhari Thakur cannot arrange for a vote bank. I think if he was born in some other state, he would have become the pride of that state. It seems he is facing the brunt of coming from a backward class. Is it not surprising that the language spoken by 25 crore people is still not included in the eighth list of the constitution?