Top 5 Highest Paid Actress of Bhojpuri Industry in 2015

Bhojpuri is one of the emerging film industries in india. Bhojpuri Actress has also gaining popularity all over world.
Some of most famous and beloved Bhojpuri actors include Aamrapali Dubey, Rani Chatterjee and Monalisa who have been highly paid for their acting in any movies even they earned a lot for giving special appearance in movies. Here top paid Actress of Bhojpuri are listed below for you. This estimation has been made as per the movies made in 2015.

1. Aamrapali Dubey

Bhojpuri new sensational actress Aamrapali Dubey charges Rs. 7-9 Lakhs per film. She has worked in biggest hit movie of Bhojpuri Industry in 2015 was “Nirhua Rickshawala 2”. Her first debut film in Bhojpuri as an actress was “Nirhua Hindustani”

2. Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee has proved her name in reality. She is not only ‘Rani’ by name but she is actually the queen of Bhojpuri Industry. She charges Rs. 5-8 Lacs per movie. “Jaanam” was one of the biggest hit of 2015.

3. Monalisa

Bhojpuri hottest actress Monalisa charges Rs. 5-7 Lacs per movie. She has played role of a model which was praise worthy in ‘Raja Babu’ with her co-actor Dinesh Lal Yadav. This movie was also among the biggest hit of 2015.

4. Kajal Radhwani

Bhojpuri cutest actress Kajal Radhwani charges Rs. 2-3 Lacs per movie. She has worked in “Patna Se Pakistan” with Dinesh Lal Yadav. She also worked in “Hukumat” with Pawan Singh which was a superhit.

5. Priyanka Pandit

New popular face of Bhojpuri Priyanka Pandit charges Rs. 1.5-2.5 Lacs per movie. She has worked with most popular actor Pawan Singh in “Karz Virasat Ki”.