The Heroic Superstar Ravi Kishan is Back

Oh Yes, as you all know that last month Actor Ravi Kishan was shooting for the movie “Supreme” where he met with an accident and got injured badly while shooting for the film. He also saved 4 other men’s life during the shoot and got fractured. Ravi was admitted to the hospital but did not stay there for too long and came back home to his family. Since he had a very severe injury on his back and his arm, everyone thought that it was impossible for him to recover soon. But look at the valiant heroic actor he has stood up and is back to the industry. Ravi Kishan is a lion-hearted man who cannot ever give up and will turn up without anyone’s expectations. There is a saying “The Righteous Are Bold as a Lion” and Actor Ravi Kishan is not less than a lion who stoodup even after having a serious injury. Hatsoff! He is a lion-hearted and a valiant actor. Not only an actor but an inspiration for the people. Ravi is very thankful for his lovedones and fans who prayed for his recovery which was unexpected. It wasn’t easy to recover from such a major accident. All the actors, producers and his friends are happy to see him back with such an heroic start. And are very proud of the actor who played on his life and saved other four men’s life in the shoot. God Bless Him. And since he is back now we would love to watch his action and drama in his upcoming movies. Best Wishes to Ravi Kishan from Patliputra News and Hungama Media Group. All this information is provided by his personal PRO Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala who was with Ravi Kishan the whole night yesterday. We are glad to see him back.